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Viagra pills, also known as Sildenafil Citrate, is the medication to cure impotence, more obviously know as erectile dysfunction (ED). It allows the impotent men to act to the sexual stimulation. It does magic by slowing down the activity of an enzyme PDE-5, pushing blood to the male reproductive system and by expanding arteries and contracting veins. It gives the feel that no more the impotence is problem for men. It increases the flow of blood toward the male sexual organ. Using this drug, men can be rest assure regarding their problem of impotence. Viagra works well if the male reproductive organ is stimulated. It is called as the best impotence medicine as it is cost effective, shows its effects faster, safe, and reliable. Basic ingredient of generic form of Viagra is same to its brand i.e. Sildenafil Citrate. Both generic viagra and brand viagra work in the similar manner. But, mostly men prefer this generic form of Viagra over Genuine Viagra because of its low price and maintaining the same high quality as its brand.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the men's sexual health disorders. It is cognized as an inability of men to attain erection during sexual intercourse even if they are sexually excited. Other symptoms of ED are, either it remains for a short while or does not occur at all. It is a repeated process. Erectile dysfunction is also called a type of impotence. Impotence is a wide aspect and covers many other men's health sexual disorders like- premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, etc. Erectile dysfunction does not involve these problems. All these problems related to Erectile dysfunction can be cured with the help of Viagra and other ED medicines.

ED does not have any specific cause. There are many reasons behind its occurrence. It can be-physical reasons, your health problems, medicines you are taking, emotional reasons, etc. Let's have a look on Erectile dysfunction causes in particular. ED causes are-high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, nerve diseases (Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis), surgery, low hormone levels, lifestyle factors (smoking and drinking) and others (stress, anxiety, tension, fear, depression). Aging factors also lead to ED, but aging in itself is not a cause. Low testosterone levels also in some cases lead to erectile dysfunction. Side effects caused by medications also make men unable for erection.

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Viagra is in a topmost position as anti impotence medication because it is blessed with all the qualities required for being popular. With exclusive quality of treating impotence well, This medication also discerns from others because it treats ED rapidly in a very less time. It merely takes 45 minutes to show erection. The erection can also be achieved within 30 minutes only if the drug is taken empty stomach. The drug provides great benefits to men, that's why very close to their heart. More beneficial thing about Sildenafil is men of all ages can easily take it. It is safe for all. The drug is potent enough to treat ED in spite of any cause of its occurring. Cheap pills provides healthy, strong and lasting erections and saves men's sexual life

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